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A project led by Juliette Lasnon


the circular fashion app at your fingertips
Hauts-de-France (Roubaix)
Our closets are a repository of products and materials, a valuable resource for our planet and our jobs. With MooM, each citizen builds up his or her virtual dressing room automatically and can then ACT on each of his or her products, whatever their condition: repair them thanks to our ecosystem of repairers, give them away, sell them, or have them collected by an association or a retailer, as close to home as possible thanks to geolocation.

A collaborative platform: which gathers and federates all the actors of the textile sector (brands, citizens, actors of repair, second hand and recycling).

A virtual dressing room: the possibility for each consumer to create his virtual dressing room, to consult it in real time and to become aware of what he owns.

A range of solutions: to allow consumers to act (sell, give, repair, recycle and collect) on their products regardless of their value or condition.

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