Circular Fashion Fortnight

This year, a "Circular Fashion Fortnight" will be held from November 14 to 27, 2022 on the territory of the European Metropolis of Lille. One of the highlights will be the award ceremony for the Circular Fashion trophies, on Friday evening, November 18, at the Théâtre du Nord in Lille.

Which events can be part of the "Circular Fashion Fortnight"?
concerns events for the general public (conferences, workshop visits, expo....) but also open professional events that will take place on the territory of the European Metropolis of Lille
. The events will contribute to raising awareness of circular fashion and to encouraging a change in practice/behavior. This fortnight will allow the organizers to benefit from visibility, notably on the circular fashion website. 

How to register your event in the "Circular Fashion Fortnight" agenda?
will find below the registration form where you can submit your project to participate in the Circular Fashion Fortnight
The deadline to register your event is October 30, 2022. 

While the proposed events will take place from November 19 to 27, they will also take place in the agenda of the European Week for Waste Reduction, whose theme this year is textiles. This week is coordinated in France by ADEME, partner of the European Circular Fashion Awards.