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A project led by Blandine Barré

The Repairables

Solution for durable clothing
Pays-de-la-Loire (Essarts en Bocage)
The mission of Les Réparables is to enhance human know-how by providing concrete and sustainable solutions to reduce the impact of the textile industry. Aware of the environmental issues at stake, our desire is to give value back to existing clothing. Through this global concept, repair is present and accessible for our daily clothes, for our professional clothes or through a new service offer for the marketers.

Work on an existing product while respecting its original use and aesthetics (similar to restoration)

Global and multi-target concept to address the impact of the textile industry on all its uses

Work to promote know-how and democratize repair among the general public, an action that can be transposed to all sectors. The goal is to make repair the new reflex by encouraging consumers to make more ethical purchases upstream (less but better)

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