A project led by Stéphane Roche


Repair, Recreate, Resell
Brands & You (Devianne)
The first fashion retailer that provides after-sales service and buys back its customers' dressing rooms! With our new REDLAB service, our customers can : - Repair their clothes in the workshop present in all our stores - Recreate unique pieces with our up-cycling seamstresses - Resell at second hand prices, but with a simpler and ... more environmentally friendly customer experience: no parcels going around the world! Thanks to our algorithm, we take back in each store nearly 200 brands, bought in the store or not, at their real market value. The items are then checked and put back on sale in the stores! The best part of the service: on the REDLAB website, customers can see in real time, the value of their dressing room!

Repairing clothes directly in the store

Recreate with fabric scraps or old clothes

Resell clothes that are no longer worn

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