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A project led by Augustin Deridder

June makes the flax

knit linen
Hauts-de-France (Roubaix)
Juin fait le lin's mission is to put natural and local materials like linen back at the heart of our uses. To do so, Juin fait le lin develops a know-how around the knitting of these fibers in order to broaden their horizons. Today, Juin fait le lin offers comfortable and elegant sportswear, naturally "performing" thanks to the properties of the linen fiber (thermoregulatory, hypoallergenic). Thus, a legging, a bra and shorts, all three in linen and designed for the practice of yoga will be offered for sale soon via a participative campaign.

Knit comfortable and elegant linen sportswear made from natural and local materials.

To develop in Roubaix, a know-how around the knitting of natural and local fibers (linen, hemp, wool).

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