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A project led by Eric DELAFONTENELLE and Agathe ROUZAUD


start up in textile innovation
Burgundy Franche- Comté (Auxerre)
ÉCOLLANT is a textile innovation start-up with a deeptech label, whose mission is to recycle used women's tights to recreate new ones. 7315 tons are thrown away every year in France: we create a 100% made in France circular loop based on our innovations developed in the laboratory. In addition to our research work, we create recycled fashion collections to start creating collections from bio-inspired trends before launching our tights.

Tights are a fashion accessory, like the other collections we develop in addition to our research activities. In order to bring French women to consume in a more responsible and sustainable way, we develop bio-inspired fashion trends attracting a French neo-engaged target.

We are working on recycling nylon with the aim of recovering a material equivalent to the virgin material that we currently buy on distant continents (Southeast Asia). Same quality, same comfort, and same resistance.

We wish to work on a closed-loop recycling consisting in remaking tights from used tights, that is to say from waste to material, which would allow us to get out of the linear model "produce, consume, throw away". Indeed, we will propose a pair of recycled and recyclable tights. A world innovation that consists in recovering the 85% of the nylon present in the tights to reincorporate them in a new pair. A real rebirth.

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